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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m interested to subscribe, but I have some questions:

1. What is usage allowance?
Usage allowance is the amount of data your bayanDSL package allows you to download or upload each month that is included in your MRR (monthly recurring rate). For example, Plan 899 – 3Mbps, 15GB has a usage allowance of 15GB per month. Usage allowance is automatically reset to zero (0) on the 1st day of billing cycle.

2. What can I do with 15GB? 15GB is good for any of the following:
• Unlimited access /surfing to social networking sites for (Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, etc.)
• Download up to around 1770 songs or 18 movies
• Around 47 hrs of non-stop YouTube or iWanTV viewing
• Around 396 hrs of Skype or similar services

3. Is there an installment option for the OTC or One Time Charge? Yes, there is. The total OTC for new DSL subscribers is P1999. Subscriber has the option to pay upfront the complete amount or pay P999 initial cash out with the balance of P1000 spread equally over four months (P250 each month) on top of the MRR.

4. Where can I pay for my monthly bill?
For a list of Payment Centers, please visit http://www.bayan.com.ph/paymentcenters.aspx .

I’m already a subscriber, and I have questions:

5. What if my usage allowance got fully consumed while downloading a file, do I have to download it again from the start after I topped-up?
No need, if you are using special programs or applications intended for downloading files.

6. I want to login to the web portal. How do I know my log-in profile?
You can login the webportal by going to http://www.bayan.com.ph/dslusage. By default, you will be asked to enter your ACCOUNT NUMBER, and the default password is BAYAN. For security purposes, you will be asked to change your default password to a more secure personal password upon your initial login.

7. The web portal says I’ve already consumed 15GB, but I know it’s only 10GB that I was able to use. Can you show me the summary of my upload/download activities?
Yes. You may view your usage as far as 3 months back by visiting the web portal of bayanDSL at http://www.bayan.com.ph/dslusage.

8. Can I lock the option to top-up my account?
No, we don’t have a way to lock the top-up option. Should you not want other people from topping up to your account, we suggest you keep the login username and password to yourself.

9. Is viewing the web portal consuming my usage allowance?
Yes, viewing the web portal consumes your usage allowance. It becomes free when you are viewing it while on zero usage.

10. If I have usage allowance or top-up left over one month, can it be carried over to the next month?
Unused usage allowance included in your monthly subscription cannot be carried over to the next cycle. Top-ups however, have a 30-day expiration period from the date of top-up, hence, unused top-ups will automatically be carried over to the next cycle.
For example, if you exceed your 15GB usage allowance and purchased an extra 1GB, but were only able to use half of the 1GB before the end of the cycle, the remaining half GB will be retained in your account. When the next cycle comes in, the retained top-up will be the first to get consumed when you go online.

11. How do I know how much usage allowance I’m using?
a. Via Email
You will receive an email alert when you have used 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of your usage allowance. This ensures you are aware that you are approaching your usage allowance limit. If you are not receiving these emails please check if we have your most up-to-date email address. You can do this by signing in to the web portal and clicking ‘Update My Profile’. Alternatively you can call our Customer Service Hotline at 411-2000.

b. Via SMS – For bayanPHONE EXTRA subscribers only
You will receive an SMS alert on when you have used 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of your usage allowance. This ensures you are aware that you are approaching your usage allowance limit. If you are not receiving these SMS alerts please check we have your most up-to-date bayanPHONE EXTRA number. You can do this by signing in to the web portal and clicking Update My Profile. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service Hotline at 411-2000.

c. Via Web Portal
You can check your usage allowance through the web portal (http://www.bayan.com.ph/dslusage) upon login.

12. What happens when I exceed my monthly usage allowance and I can’t get online?
You will need to top-up your account. You can do this by going to the portal and click Top-up page through http://www.bayan.com.ph/dslusage.

13. My usage is very high but I’ve hardly been online.
Are you using a wireless router? If you are, does it have wireless security enabled? If not, a neighbor or someone within range of the router’s wireless signal could be connecting to it allowing them to tap into your usage allowance. Alternatively, if you are using WEP standard encryption, this only offers limited security. Either way, we recommend you secure your router using WPA-PSK or a stronger wireless encryption – such as WPA2. This encryption standard is much harder for anyone to “hack” into and makes your router more secured.

14. My router has a secured wireless connection, but my usage is still high, why might that be?
Video Streaming websites, p2p, gaming, VoIP/Skype and emails with photos or large attachments are just some of the activities that also consume usage allowance.

15. I don’t watch or download videos, music or large emails, is there anything else that could be using up my usage allowance?
Program updates, such as Windows updates, anti-virus updates and other general software updates, can use significant amount of usage over time. Program updates, however, are necessary for improving security or fixing malfunction issues and should be allowed.

16. I think I might have a Virus or other malware on my computer, could this be using up my usage allowance?
Yes, a Virus or Trojan could also be using up your usage allowance, because it’s likely to be downloading data. We recommend you do a regular deep virus scan on all your computers with an Anti-Virus program and an anti-spyware program. A router will usually come with a firewall built in. We recommend you ensure this firewall is enabled and functioning correctly to limit your vulnerability from attacks.
DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks will also affect your usage. DDoS attacks are when someone decides to attack your IP address with large packets of data from multiple sources in an attempt to disrupt your Internet service or website. Such attacks are generally rare, but your router’s logs may be able to help you identify who is attacking your router.

17. I do a lot of uploading, does this count against my usage allowance?
Yes, uploading data also consumes your usage allowance.

18. Is there anything else that could be using up my usage allowance?
There are other tasks that may be running in the background on your computer that you are unaware of. Checking your Task Manager for Applications and Processes is a good way of finding out what is running on your computer. Some of these tasks are critical to your computer working. However, if you are unsure, try searching online for the Application or Process to check it is legitimate.

bayanDSL Plan | Acceptable Use Policy | Speed Test